Make Your Google Pixel 6 A Work Better With These Settings

Google Pixel 6 A has launched recently and is available in stores now. Whether you recently purchased a Pixel 6A or are still getting to know your Pixel 6, changing a few settings might make a big difference. Some of these updates will give the software a new look. Earlier, we discussed changing some settings to make your iPhone work better. Now, here are the settings on your Pixel 6, 6 Pro, or 6A that you need to change.

Turn on Themed Icon in Your Google Pixel

One of Android 12‘s most notable innovations is Material You, which alters the software’s color scheme to match your background. As part of the larger Material, You update, you’ll see that various components within specific apps, such as the keyboard in Messages and the Compose button in Gmail, will have colored accents that match the background. There are several options available when you go to Settings.

You needn’t, however, stop there. Long-press any open area on your Pixel 6’s home screen to update your app icons with a vibrant theme that matches your backdrop. After that, select Wallpaper & Style and confirm that the toggle next to Themed icons is turned on. The home screen app icons should now match your wallpaper.

Using Quick Phrases to end a call or alarm without saying, “Hey, Google.”

All of us have been there. Your alarm goes off at six in the morning, and you hardly have the energy to pick up your phone. Google has made this a little easier with the Pixel 6 series by enabling you to stop or cancel an alarm by saying “Snooze” or “Stop” instead of the “Hey, Google” trigger word. Saying “Answer” or “Decline” in response to a phone call allows you to do the same without having to take out your gadget.

Open the Settings menu and select Apps to enable this. Select Assistant after that, then touch Quick words. Options for alarms, timers, and incoming calls ought to be available. To activate this function, tap the switch next to each item.

Turn on Smart Storage in Pixel 

If you frequently shoot pictures and movies, you are aware of how limited the storage space on your device might be. You can choose to have your Pixel phone automatically erase outdated images to clear up space as one solution to that issue. If you choose to enable this function, your Pixel phone will delete any images that have been stored on it for 60 days and have been backed up to your Google Photos account if there is less than 25% of capacity left.

Open Settings, select Storage and hit Free up space to enable this. By selecting the menu icon in the top left corner, choose Settings. Flip the Smart Storage switch to the on position.

Storage saver for optimizing your Pixel’s photo and video storage

Another method for space-saving is to turn on Storage Saver on your Pixel device. This modifies storage-intensive settings like recording films in 1080p rather than 4K and storing RAW photos as JPEG. You might want to try this if you care more about saving space than having the finest resolution available.

Open the Camera app, and then tap the top-left setting cog. Select Device storage after tapping More settings. The Storage Saver switch should be turned on.

To quickly access shortcuts, Modify Quick Settings in Your Pixel

The quick settings menu can be accessed by dragging it down from the top of the screen. To update this menu and add those settings you use most frequently, use the pencil icon. Google provides a wide range of settings, like accessing alarms, turning on and off the microphone, and battery saver. Standard features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and airplane mode are all present here.

Extending Battery life and Boost performance

The battery life of Google’s Pixel phones can be optimized based on how you use your phone. While that is a benefit, there may be occasions when you’d want to disable it to obtain the most performance possible from your device. By opening the Settings menu, selecting Battery, and clicking Adaptive preferences, you may toggle this setting on or off whenever you want.

Pixel’s screen automatically switches orientation

When you’re holding your phone in landscape mode to view a video, having it locked in portrait mode is one of the most unpleasant things that can happen. By entering the Settings menu, selecting Display, and clicking the Auto-rotate screen, you can prevent this on your Pixel 6. To make autorotate more precise, you can also decide to enable facial detection. According to Google, photos used for face recognition are never saved or transmitted to the business.

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