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Tecxology is the go-to place for anyone who loves keeping up with tech news, updates, trends, and all things related to technology. Whether you’re a tech expert or just someone curious about the latest in the digital world, Tecxology is the perfect spot for you. Our audience is diverse, including both tech enthusiasts and those from various industries. So, if you’re looking to contribute and connect with the tech community, Tecxology is the ideal platform for you. Also, we are now welcoming contributions to tech news as well.

No Ai Generated Content: We do not accept AI-generated content for publication on Tecxology. Please ensure that all submissions are created by human authors, avoiding the use of automated or AI-generated tools. Our goal is to feature authentic and insightful content crafted by individuals.
No Self-Promotion: Please avoid promoting your own products, services, or personal brand within the content. Our focus is on providing valuable information to our audience.
No Affiliate Promotion: We do not accept content that serves as a platform for promoting affiliate products or specific commercial offerings. The goal is to share insightful information rather than selling products.
Limit of 2 Do-Follow Links: You are allowed to include up to two do-follow links within your guest post. Ensure that these links are relevant and add value to the content. Excessive linking for promotional purposes will not be accepted.
Use Copyright-Free Images: If you include images in your post, make sure they are free from copyright restrictions. Provide proper attribution if necessary. This ensures that we comply with copyright laws and maintain the quality of our content.
Align Content with Our Niche: Tecxology focuses on tech news, updates, trends, tech fixing guides, SEO ideas, and future tech news. Ensure that your content aligns with these topics to provide maximum value to our audience.
No Duplicate or 18+ Content: We do not accept content that has been previously published elsewhere (duplicate content). Additionally, content of an explicit or adult nature will not be considered. Please keep the content suitable for a diverse audience.
Content-Length: The minimum word limit for content submissions on Tecxology is 800 words for blogs and 300 words for news. We prefer that you choose the word limit according to the focus keyword that you are working on.

Things to do Before Sharing the content

Plagiarism Check: Conduct a thorough plagiarism check using reliable tools to ensure your content is original.
Topic Alignment: Confirm that your proposed topic aligns with the technology niche and resonates with our audience.
Follow Guidelines: Review our guidelines to ensure your content doesn’t violate any rules or restrictions.
Quality Assurance: Verify the overall quality of your post, checking for clarity and relevance
Word count: Confirm that your post meets our specified word count requirements.
Author Bio: Provide a brief author bio that introduces yourself and adds a personal touch to your contribution.
Contact Information: Include your contact information for communication purposes.

How do we collaborate

Send Your Submission: Start the process by emailing your content to [email protected]. Please include not only the article itself, but also a brief about yourself and a picture.
Review: Once we receive your submission, our dedicated team will conduct a review. We’ll assess whether your content aligns with our guidelines and ensures high quality.
Feedback and Revision (if needed): If any adjustments are suggested during the evaluation, we will provide constructive feedback to enhance the overall quality of the content. We believe in collaboration to ensure the best possible outcome.
Final Approval: Upon successful completion of the evaluation and any necessary revisions, your article will receive final approval for publication.
Publication Notification: Once your article is live on Tecxology, we’ll promptly notify you. 

Stay informed and stay ahead!