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Rocket Resume Website
sample rocket resume 1
sample rocket resume 2
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  1. Rocket Resume Website
  2. sample rocket resume 1
  3. sample rocket resume 2
  4. sample rocket resume 3

Rocket Resume Builder Reviews: Features & Customer Reviews

  • Support
  • Value for Money
  • Reliability
  • Customization
  • Ease of Use
3.9/5Overall Score

Creating a well-impressed resume is indeed a daunting task. Also, formatting the resume is another hectic and time-consuming process. Fortunately, we have benefitted from various resume builders that help to meet our convenience with fillable templates, but which one to choose?

The best resume builder will help you with the writing process of a resume easier and quicker, along with elevating your application status. One such resume builder is Rocket Resume.

Rocket Resume provides you with the best resume builder services and free resume writing tips. You could create a fascinating resume within approximately the time taken for a rocket to take off. That is EASY! All you need to choose your area of expertise and fill up the details (You can also use predefined content), choose a layout/colour combination, and then your PDF is ready. 

  • Layouts: More than 15 layout color combinations 
  • Content: Over 500 lines of predefined content ready for use 
  • PDF ready: Yes
  • Share options: Email, Print, Save to Dropbox
  • Support: Offline / Expert help available
  • Plan: Paid/Pro features coming soon
  • Resume Bullet Points That Are Pre-Written
  • Easy 12-Step-By-Step Process Of Writing Resume
  • Share The Resume With Hiring Managers
  • Good Customer Service
  • Lack of Options For Designs
  • At Times Poorly Written Bullet Points 


  • Q. How To Use Rocket Resume?

    A. Steps to use Rocket Resume:
    1. Log in using your Google+ or Facebook ID.
    2. Click the + icon presented on the top right of the screen and start creating your first resume
    3. Add the Resume Name and choose your area of expertise. They have specialized content ready for use in almost every area of expertise available.
    4. Once you select your area of expertise, you can either use the predefined content to fill up the Summary, Objective, Experience, and Professional Skills or you can type in your content.
    5. Once done, click on “Save” at the top right.
    6. Choose the layout for your new resume, and tap on the colour of your choice.
    7. Once done, click on “Create Resume” at the top right.
    8. Your resume will be saved and by clicking the option from the menu, you can view it under the “view saved resumes” option.

  • Q. Is Rocket Resume Free?

    Pricing Rocket Resume Snip from Support

    A. Rocket Resume is not a free resume builder. On the completion of your resume, you are asked to create an account and sign up for their payment plan. The website also claims that the users will get a full refund within 14 days if they are not happy with the service. 
    The payment plan includes three options. They are as follows:
    1. Pay $0.95 for 14-day access, after which your subscription will be auto-renewed at $24.95 every 4 weeks unless cancelled.
    2. Pay $1.95 for 14-day access, after which your subscription will be auto-renewed at $29.95 every 4 weeks unless cancelled.
    3. Pay $2.95 for 14-day access, after which your subscription will be auto-renewed at $34.95 every 4 weeks unless cancelled.
    4. Pay $5.95 for 30-day access, after which your subscription will be auto-renewed at $71.40/year unless cancelled.

  • Q. How to Cancel Subscription?

    A. If you want to cancel your subscription or suspend your account, there are two ways:
    1. You can change or cancel your account by clicking on the actions presented next to your account details and choosing “edit account”. Follow the prompts to sign in and then cancel your account by using the same email address you used when you downloaded.
    2. You can also contact them by chat, phone, or email mentioned on their website in case you face any problem in accessing your account.  

Shamna Salam
Shamna Salam

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