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How to cancel Disney plus Subscription? #Best guide

If you’re an OTT binge-watcher, you might use numerous apps to enjoy watching movies, shows, and documentaries. One of the most popular platforms with an exhaustive list of amazing content is Disney+. It offers a diverse and magical entertainment experience with a vast library covering beloved classics to new and exclusive releases in different languages. So, this online streaming app is undoubtedly a worldwide platform for ultimate amusement.

How To Cancel Disney Plus Subscription 2024?

We just talked about how it has become a popular streaming service for individuals and families alike. However, if at any point you decide to explore other options or need to make adjustments to your active subscription, you might wonder, “How to cancel Disney Plus?” Continue reading to learn more about cancelling your current billing cycle most easily.

How to cancel Disney Plus on the website via desktop

Step 1: Log In

Log in to your account at If you signed up through your phone’s store or any other service, you may need to cancel there instead.

Step 2: Account Settings

Go to the top-right corner and click on your profile icon. A dropdown menu will appear with a list of options, and from there, choose “My Account”.

Step 3: Subscription Section

Find the part that talks about your streaming subscription or billing.

Step 4: Find the Right Option

Under “Subscription” you’ll find a button or link that says “Cancel Subscription”. Click on it to start the process and cancel your membership.

Step 5: Confirm Your Choice

Disney+ might check if you’re sure about cancelling. Take a second to read what they say, then click “Complete Cancellation” or a similar button to agree.

Step 6: Check for Confirmation

Look for a message confirming that your subscription is cancelled. Disney+ will also send you a cancellation email.

Step 7: Check Billing

To make sure you’re not paying for Disney+ anymore, look at your billing date. It is important to make sure your cancellation process has worked.

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How to cancel Disney Plus account through your iTunes account on an iOS device

Step 1: Open Settings

To begin, locate and open the “Settings” app on your iOS device. This app typically features a gear icon and is a central hub for adjusting various device settings.

Step 2: Apple ID

Tap on the section where your Apple ID information is stored. This is often situated at the top of the screen, and tapping it will lead you to your Apple ID settings. If needed, sign in with your Apple ID email address and password.

Step 3: Find Subscriptions

Look for and tap on the “Subscriptions” option. This section is where you manage all the subscriptions linked to your Apple ID, including services like Disney Plus.

Step 4: Select Disney+

Locate and tap on the entry for “Disney +” in this list. This action will lead you to the specific settings for your Disney Plus subscription.

Step 5: Cancellation

Look for an option that says “Cancel Subscription”. Once you find it, select this option to notify iTunes that you wish to end your Disney+ subscription.

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How to cancel Disney Plus through the Google Play Store on Android Device

Step 1: Profile icon

Open Google Play Store. Find and click on your profile button (usually in the upper-left corner of the screen).

Step 2: Payments & Subscriptions

After clicking on your profile image, a menu will appear. Select the option labelled “Payments & Subscriptions”. This is the section where you manage your payment methods and subscriptions.

Step 3: Tap On Subscriptions

Look for and tap on the option specifically named “Subscriptions”. See a list of all the subscriptions linked to your Google Play Store account.

Step 4: Locate and select “Disney+”

In the “Subscriptions” list, find “Disney Plus”. Once located, tap on it to access the detailed settings for your Disney Plus subscription.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom for Subscription Cancellation

Go to the bottom of the page or see a drop-down menu dedicated to your Disney+ subscription settings. Tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option and agree to the final confirmation of your cancellation request.

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Final Words

So, cancelling Disney Plus is easy! It lets you switch things around—try something different or take a break. Just follow the aforementioned steps, and you’re ready for new streaming adventures!


Q. Can I quit Disney Plus whenever I want?

A. Yes, you can cancel or change your Disney Plus subscription period whenever you feel like it.

Q. Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I cancel Disney Plus?

A. Nope, cancelling Disney Plus usually doesn’t cost extra money. You can cancel without worrying about hidden fees.

Q. What happens to my Disney Plus account after I cancel?

A. After you cancel, you can still use Disney Plus until your current payment period ends. You won’t be charged again, and your account will be in free mode with limited access to content. If you change your mind, you can restart to enjoy an ad-free subscription to Disney Plus again. 

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