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How To Change Reddit Username?

If you’re highly active on Reddit, you know how amazing the overall experience of this platform is. It’s like a cosy, warm cocoon of interests, discussions, ideas, and perspectives across diverse communities. What you might hesitate to talk about in person, you can freely discuss and explore here. It’s a place where you can be yourself.

Your identity on Reddit is your choice; you can go real or stay anonymous. So, the username you choose becomes part of your social interaction in this virtual society. That said, you might want a new user ID after some time, maybe because of privacy concerns, professional purposes, security reasons, or the availability of an earlier desired username.

Whatever your reasons are, changing your handle name is an easy-peasy process. But before we get into that, here are a few rules to it.

Changing Your Reddit Username

You can easily update your Reddit old or random username, whether you’re using a computer or a mobile device, to fit your online persona.

Going Into Your Reddit Profile:


Open your web browser and go to Reddit’s homepage. Find the small arrow in the top-right corner near your profile icon and click on it. From the menu that pops up, select “Profile” to get started.


Open the Reddit app, tap on your profile avatar, and select “My Profile” in the app’s top-right corner.

Custom Username:


Reddit will ask if you want to modify your username. Click the prompt “Change Username”.


You’ll see a little message asking if you want to “Change Username”. Just tap on it.

Picking a New Alias:


Type in a new username, making sure it’s between 3 and 23 characters long.


Keep the same character count as mentioned above for web browsers, too.

Confirming the Change:


Once you’ve settled on a name you like, Reddit will double-check with you before making it permanent. If you’re sure, hit “Save Username” to finalize the change.


Watch out for warnings about username acceptability – we want to play by Reddit’s rules. Once you’re happy with it, tap “Next” to move forward.

Don’t worry about losing your posts, comments, or karma – they’ll all stick with your new username.

Creating a New Account 

If you can’t change your current username, don’t worry. You can always start fresh with a new account. Just keep in mind that this won’t carry over to your history or followers.

Here’s how to do it without breaking a sweat:


  • Start by clicking on your profile photo or username up there in the top-right corner of Reddit.
  • Once you’re signed out, hit the “Log Out” button. It’ll whisk you back to the Reddit home page, ready for your grand re-entry.
  • Now, with a clean slate in front of you, look for the “Sign Up” button in the top-right corner, and give it a click.
  • Follow the prompts that pop up on your screen to create your new Reddit account.


  • Get into the Reddit app on your iPhone or Android device. Once you’re in, tap on your profile image up there in the top-right corner.
  • Look for a little down arrow next to your username. Tap, and you’ll see a list of options pop up.
  • Choose how you want to sign up. Email address, Google, or Apple—take your pick and follow the prompts. If you’re going the Google or Apple route, remember that Reddit might toss you an auto-generated username for now. But you can swap out this default username for something else later on.
  • Follow the instructions that pop up on your screen to wrap up the sign-up process. Fill in the blanks, hit that “Next” button, and voilà—you’re officially a Reddit newbie.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re doing it to better reflect your interests or just for fun, changing your username can help you stand out on the platform. Dive into the Reddit community with your new handle and start exploring the space of Reddit’s amazing homies!


1. Can I merge my two Reddit accounts?

A: Unfortunately, Reddit doesn’t offer a way to combine two separate accounts. Each account operates on its own, keeping its own identity and history of activity.

2. Is there any way to retrieve a deleted Reddit account?

A: Once you delete your Reddit account, there’s no way to bring it back or recover any of its information and data.

3. What is a flair next to the username?

A: A flair is a tag visible next to a username or post title within specific subreddits. It identifies users with shared interests. Flairs also help filter out content you prefer not to see in your feed.

4. If I deactivate my account, can I reuse my username?

A: No, once you deactivate your Reddit account, you lose the ability to use the same username again. You’ll need to create a new account with a different username. However, Reddit allows you the flexibility to create and manage multiple profiles to suit your needs.

Mahak Saluja
Mahak Saluja

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