DraGan AI Editing Tool

A powerful AI based photo editing tool.

A great photo editor powered by AI. DragGan allows you to easily enhance and modify your photos in ways you never imagined. Spin images, resize items, change expressions, and more. DragGan's innovative technique provides exact control over every aspect, allowing you to easily create incredible edits.

Introducing DragGan AI

Features of DragGan AI

Drag and Drop Editing


Edit photographs simply by dragging spots on the screen.

3D Modeling


DragGan takes editing to the next level with 3D models! Now you can change positions, shapes, expressions, and arrangements in a picture while keeping it looking natural and realistic.

Simple Interface


Ideal for both pros and beginners! Simple editing for anyone.

Common Uses of DragGan AI


DragGAN AI can help fix small details in pictures that might have been damaged or lost over time, making them look better.


With DragGAN AI, you can make faces in photos look happier, sadder, or more expressive, not just for humans but also for animals.


You can use DragGAN AI to make people in photos stand differently or change their clothes to look longer or shorter.


DragGAN AI allows you to make things in photos bigger or smaller, and you can also change their angles to fit better or look different.

DragGan AI Editing Tool is available for Windows and Linux users. With DragGan, you can easily enhance your editing experience using its point-based manipulation technology directly on your desktop.

Getting Started

Prior to beginning with downloading and installation of DragGan AI, ensure that these 3 software packages are available on your system.

Software Requirements




Click on each one of the above  to download and install them.

DragGan AI Editing Tool is powerful but has limitations. It gets confused with diverse data and tracking in textureless areas. Misuse of DragGAn AI can violate privacy rights. Use responsibly for awesome photo edits.


After you have the required softwares installed on your system, proceed with the detailed instructions mentioned in the link given below to download and install DragGan AI.

Downloading and Installing DragGan AI