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Nike MaxSight: Is it still available?

Nike MaxSight: Is it still available?

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Are you tired of dealing with the hassle of glasses constantly sliding down your nose or bothering you during your favourite activities? Contact lenses give you the freedom you want to feel. You can see clearly without anything getting in the way. You can feel at ease while hitting the gym, running or jogging, or playing your favourite sport.

Many brands offer the best and safest contact lenses. Nike MaxSight has also been among the most popular.

Nike MaxSight Contact Lenses Overview

Nike MaxSight Contact lenses packing
Source: @SoleRetriever

Nike, being the king of sports gear, amazed its consumers with the launch of the MaxSight Sport-Tinted contact lens, around 2004–05. Nike collaborated with Bausch & Lomb to create this pair of soft contact lenses.

Now, not only could sports enthusiasts confidently take to the field in comfortable Nike apparel and footwear. But, they could also rely on lenses specially designed for their needs.

These lenses had corrective properties. They helped block bright sunlight along with improving vision for athletic events. There were non-corrective ones too, to help meet everyone’s needs. These were available in gray-green and amber colors.

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Nike MaxSight Contact Lenses: Product Availability

Unfortunately, these soft contact lenses were discontinued in 2008. No one really knows the reason, but undoubtedly these were the most popular among sports celebrities, including Kyle Vanden Bosch (a former American footballer).

Kyle Vanden Bosch wearing Nike Maxsight
Source: @alilmoonn

But, see the alternatives available from below:

Top Contact Lens Brands To Choose From

Confused about the best brand to buy your soft contact lenses from? Check out the list below:

  • ALTIUS Contact lenses: Designed for athletes, they help you see, comfortably, and quickly with special technology. Just like Nike’s, they also come in amber and gray-green tints.
    Altius Vision – see better feel better play better
    ALTIUS Vision alternative for Nike Maxsight
  • Johnson & Johnson: Well-known for their Acuvue range, which provides comfortable and clear vision.
    Acuvue by johnson & johnson
    Acuvue Johnson & Johnson alternative for Nike Maxsight
  • Bausch + Lomb: Trusted brand offering a variety of lenses to meet different needs.
  • Alcon: Offers a wide selection of lenses, including brands like Air Optix and Dailies.
  • CooperVision: Recognized for its innovative lenses, such as Biofinity and Proclear.
  • FreshLook: Offers vibrant lenses for correcting vision and enhancing appearance.
  • PureVision: Provides silicone hydrogel lenses for extended comfort and clear sight.
  • Aqualens: Affordable and comfortable lenses suitable for everyday wear.
  • SofLens: Provides a range of lenses catering to different prescriptions and preferences.
  • iConnect: Offers lenses suitable for various vision requirements.
  • Biomedics: A sub-brand of CooperVision, known for lenses offering comfort and clear vision throughout the day.

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Tips for Buying and Using Contact Lenses

Thinking about buying contact lenses? Take care of the following points to ensure you don’t end up hurting your eyes:.

  1. Get a medical prescription: Always see an eye doctor and get a prescription for contact lenses to get the right ones for your eyes.
  2. Choose the Right Type: There are different types of lenses for daily wear, extended wear, etc. Your lifestyle will help determine which is best for you.
  3. Think About Comfort: Make sure the lenses fit well and feel comfortable. 
  4. Learn How to Care for Them: Proper cleaning and maintenance are important. 
  5. Check the Cost: See if your insurance covers the cost of lenses and consider the overall cost. You can also run a quick price comparison between different brands.
  6. Follow the Replacement Schedule: Different lenses need replacing at different times. 
  7. Be Aware of Risks: There are some risks with wearing lenses, like infections. Follow your doctor’s advice to minimize these risks.

Final Thoughts

If you ever feel you’re not satisfied with the lenses you bought, always make sure to file a complaint or submit a review. After completing a necessary verification process, you’re likely to receive support or compensation from the brand. But always make sure to avoid any derogatory remarks or personal attacks on the company, and ethically reach out to their customer care.

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