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Apple is planning something big with iOS 18 Update

Apple is planning something big with the launch of iOS 18 on its premium line of products that includes the iPhone. There were speculations about iOS release date, which is set to early June at the Worldwide Developer conference. The anticipation has gotten worse for Apple fans as the recent leaks have created a storm on the internet about the new iOS release.

The latest Power On newsletter shows Apple is planning to bring a lot of hefty changes to its iPhone operating system. The changes are set to affect the major facets of the iPhone, targeting the home screen.

The home screen of many Apple devices went through a serious amount of changes over the years. Back then, we only had black background covering up the home screen but now we have way too many colorful options to set the phone to our liking.

Recently we saw Apple adding the long-awaited widgets to its arsenal, which was missing on iPhones as it was one of the dominant parts of Android devices for a long time. Now the feature is easily accessible on many iPhone devices.

What does the new iOS 18 update has to offer?

According to Mark Gurman, the new update is set to bring a more customizable friendly option to the iPhone home screen. A level of changes that the world got to witness with the release of iOS 16.

While iOS 16 was set to bring changes to the lock screen, the new iOS 18 is setting its eyes on the home screen. Gurman also had pretty strong words about the new update for the iOS devices by saying  – 

 “I’m told that the new operating system is seen within the company as one of the biggest iOS updates—if not the biggest—in the company’s history. With that knowledge, Apple’s developers conference in June should be pretty exciting.”

He also went on further commenting on AI inclusion in iPhone devices by saying – “AI tools that help manage your daily life,” rather than AI features such as those from ChatGPT, for instance.

What are the rumors surrounding the iOS 18 release?

Rumors tend to fly off the handle a lot of times but there are some exceptions, if the rumor is backed up by the direction of the recents news. Many recent news surrounding Apple suggested the company’s heavy involvement with the new found AI tech.

AI Implementation at a larger scale 

Recently we saw Apple is getting in bed with Google with talks over bringing Gemini to iPhone services. iOS 18 might have an upgraded Siri, to carry out many AI functionalities by implementing large-language models to revamp many of its common features.

Advanced personal assistant features are slowly becoming a norm in the market. With the launch of Nvidia’s chat with RTX and many more of similar features are being launched left and right in the tech world. It will be a surprise to no-one, if Apple decided to make a move in this direction.

Interoperability design for messages

Apple is also said to adopt Rich Communication Services, which is set to bring interoperability between iPhone and Android messages. Again, this prediction is also based on the recent news, as a recent WhatsApp update also brought the interoperability feature to the phone’s basic system.

So far the buck stops here, but that’s just leaks, Apple is planning something major with the update, we will find out what it truly has to offer when they decide to release it to the public. For more on tech, stay tuned to Tecxology.

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Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar

Santosh Kumar is a writer covering Tech, entertainment, gaming, and some philosophy. His other interests include gaming, reviewing renaissance paintings, and playing at a sport he is not good at.

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