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Apple introduces ‘MGIE’ to bring photoshop quality editing right on your fingertips

Apple welcomes MGIE image editing software to take the photo editing capabilities of a phone to the promise land. This week with the launch of futuristic Vision pro, Apple looks like it has many things planned to ensure their product’s stronghold in the market.

Apple has always been known to put a serious amount of creativeness to their camera work and video editing functionality. But now things are heating up as Apple engineers from University of California have launched MGIE (Multimodal large language model-guided image editing) .

While the name might not roll out of your tongue properly, as it does feel like sci-fi gobbledygook, but the app itself is quite revolutionary. The app is genuinely taking the traditional editing session on a phone to brand new heights. How? You are probably wondering. Here’s how-

Apple ML MGIE public repo on github

Editing now is a child’s play:

  • To make changes to the picture, now instead of doing the heavy handed editing by yourself, you can just tell the MGIE to do it for you. 
  • Now you can just type the things you want to change and the app will happily make the changes for you without having you move your finger.
  • MGIE is designed to keep things fairly simple for users without complicating things. People also have the ability to customize the layout to keep things simple.

A strong presence of AI in your image editing 

The inbuilt AI is now capable of pushing the heaviest boulder to meet the user’s editing demands.

Feature #1 Object manipulation 

Let’s say you want to edit a picture of a pizza by making it more healthy looking instead of what you love, apple gets it. You just have to type “make the pizza more healthy”, and the app will add vegetable topping blend seamlessly to the overall theme of the picture

Feature #2 Color correction

MGIE is also capable of making the basic changes to the picture. If the picture appears to be a bit dark for your taste, you can tell the app to adjust the contrast or brightness to make the picture more suited to your liking.

Users can leave feedbacks to make MGIE more refined in the future. It can also be integrated with other app to elevate the editing capability. These are just some of the ways Apple’s new image editing app MGIE can help you alleviate most of the image editing dealings..

How does MGIE actually work?

While the name may be complicated, what it does is also can be summed up as complex but the only thing we need to know is MGIE relies on a deep visual understanding to create near perfect outputs. The output here doesn’t go to the realm of extraordinary, it stays in reasonable territory.

MGIE implements MLLMs (Powerful AI model) to raise the overall standard of enhancing image editing. MLLMs is known for its visual-aware response and cross-modal understanding. Before the introduction of MGIE, MLLMs was never used in image editing.

Here is a short version of how MGIE uses MLLMs.

  • MLLMs helps MGIE to properly understand the purpose of the user’s demand or request.
  • MLLMs also creates Visual prototypes of the desired edit to help MGIE to reach the proper conclusion.

Extensive studies have been performed to check the full potential of MGIE in action and its helpfulness in dealing with common and complex problems.

Can I use MGIE on my phone?

Head up over to GitHub to download MGIE on your phone and taste the AI apple is cooking up for their upcoming devices. 

The download file comes with code, data, and pretrained models. You will also get a demo notebook explaining how to work with MGIE, it serves as a basic tutorial to get a handle on the editing functionalities.

What’s next for Apple in the AI world?

The company is silent on what’s next for MGIE but we might see Apple mentioning some updates rolling out in the near future. Apple is slowly dipping their fingers in the word of AI, CEO of apple had said about implementing more extensive AI features on their products.

If the first stage of MGIE is bringing photoshop level editing on the phone, then we can be sure Apple is not planning to skip the AI race.

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