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Meet Amazon’s New AI shopping assistant Rufus

Meet Rufus, Amazon’s brand new shopping AI assistant to inform you everything you need to know about the product you are interested in. No longer you have to scroll through the pages alone, now Rufus will be active on the side to create a tag-along experience of real life shopping right on your computer or phone.

Amazon has always had a rich history of implementing AI to their website to enrich the consumer interactions for a perfect shopping experience. The release of Rufus adds a solid layer to that overall theme.  Now people don’t have to cry over buying the wrong or fake product, as Rufus will greatly remove these prolonged issues from the common public shopping experience.

The relationship between Amazon and AI goes a long way, as the brand always pushed AI to the forefront of the mainstream stage by releasing Alexa, Drone shopping delivery, and lastly the infamous check-out free Amazon go stores. Now we finally saw Amazon releasing an AI shopping assistant to make the consumer informative on every front of the product.

Here we will break down what Rufus can do to your experience and how much benefit it adds to the overall online shopping on Amazon.

How will Rufus help you?

Rufus will help you feed information about the product to help make the consumer a proper decision. Most of the time people flock to different websites to get a clear view on the product that they are interested in purchasing, but now Rufus will help you clear things about the product right on the page of purchase. So, what does it do?

  • It helps answering customer questions based on the information available on other websites.
  • Rufus carries information on custom reviews, community Q&As.
  • The AI is trained on Amazon’s product catalog.
  • Can gather up Information about products.
  • It can also set up multiple comparisons of the products.
  • Facilitate product discovery
  • Making a final recommendation for the consumer from the data it gathered.

These are some of the features Rufus carries in its AI brain, combination of all these features will immensely help the consumer to make proper decisions without feeling clueless about the product.

The interactiveness of Rufus AI

As mentioned earlier, Rufus is trained to erase some of the basic problems from online shopping. The Q&A data helps rufus to answer any question a consumer may have about the product. The amazing aspect of Rufus AI seems to be in its consumer interactiveness. With rufus, amazon fills the void of lonely online shopping experience.

Amazon official video

From simplicity to complex

Rufus is capable of answering simple questions about phones such as “Does this phone have good battery life?” to ‘What are the major differences between Intel chipset and AMD Ryzen processor?’

Rufus AI is also designed to deal with many common questions surrounding the product and yet at the same time, it has complexity to answer every specific aspect about the product of your interest.

From making Suggestions to Recommendations

Rufus also can make suggestions and recommendations about products that you might need or want for a long vacation or a special occasion. This will help you greatly, if you are planning to venture into unknown places without any prior knowledge of weather or customs.

In short, Rufus covers all the basic and the complex details of the product enough to make a recommendation to the consumer.

Can I use Rufus?

Rufus is now available to a select consumers on their amazon shopping app. The search bar is where you will have to ask a question about the product. A rufus chat dialog box will then open carrying the answers, here you can further extend the conversation by asking more.

Can I cancel Rufus?

If you don’t find the idea of having Rufus active on your Amazon page, you can revert back to the traditional search results at any time by swiping down the chat box at the bottom of the screen.

What does it mean for the Amazon sellers?

The inclusion of Rufus will enrich the shopping experience of consumers but at the same time, it will make the game more competitive for the Amazon sellers. Now they will have to follow a lot more rules to make their product noticeable to AI.

Rufus sure is set to fire up the quality of amazon products, being on the not recommended side of the comparison is something no brand in the world would want to be on.

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