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WhatsApp is working on International payment option via UPI

A new payment feature is underway for WhatsApp users in India, It is currently working on a feature to bring international payment through its UPI or Unified Payments interface service.

WhatsApp has been in the news a lot lately, as they have put massive amounts of resources into making their system better for the user and working with AI to bring more convenience to users. Now WhatsApp is following the route of massive players like Google Pay or Phone Pay to bring new payment mechanics to its arsenal.

According to the leak, WhatsApp may sometimes in the future reveal the brand-new payment feature for its millions of users in India. The leak shows the instant messaging platform enabling the international payment system via its own UPI service.

The leak first appears on X by the user named AssembleDebug who wrote down – 

“International Payments on WhatsApp through UPI for Indian users. This is currently not available for users. But WhatsApp might be working on it as I couldn’t find anything on Google about it. Apps like Phonepe, GPay, and some others already support this,” 

X @AssembleDebug

It’s not just words alone, he also shared some screenshots to back up his claims. The two screenshot shows an option of payment menu visible on the surface. The second screenshot shows the option to Turn on International payments.

What do we know about WhatsApp international payment system, so far?

There are some minute differences between already existing apps that offer international payment options compared to WhatsApp.

The payment for international option has users enter the start and end dates to send payment in supported countries. Like many UPI services, users will have to enter their UPI pin to turn on this feature.

The payment will allow the Indian bank account to send money to international business without any issue. But there could be some complications between the transaction, the payment can only be made to specific international merchants, not all of them, the feature is also limited to few countries and banks that allow UPI services.

When it comes to international payment, the feature needs to be manually activated again after the previous payment is finished. Most people may not be aware that UPI services for international payment automatically expire after a transaction. Based on the information we have access to tells us the international payment via WhatsApp could be for three months.

The time schedule is different when compared to other apps such as Google Pay, where the transaction period goes for only seven days. WhatsApp will join the long list of apps that already offer internal payment features such as Phone Pay, Google Pay and other major named services.

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