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Debloat Windows 10: Make It Fast (EASY Command)

Windows 10 now comes with lots of games and software that are not needed for a normal Windows 10 user. To remove it we need to debloat Windows 10. The users call these junks Crapware (also known as bloatware or junkware). Crapware is the stuff that hardware makers install on top of their operating system. Microsoft does this as it is an extra source of income. They even sell clean operating systems with extra cost than the normal Windows 10.

Decrapifiy or Debloat is the process of removing this bloatware that affects the performance of your Windows 10 machine. There are two methods, they are by using Windows 10 fresh start or by using scripts. The script method is more effective and easy than the fresh start method, as it can remove more bloatware. It’s a much simpler process and saves your time. 

To do this, you have to select the Customize Blocklist. Here, you can find a list of default apps for Windows 10. You can’t remove utilities and apps from the system. You can see the boxes next to the ones that Windows 10 doesn’t remove.

If you use modern Windows 11 operating system, it is better to debloat Windows 11 using modern tools, as this method was originally designed for Windows 10.

Optimal Way to Use this Tool

It is recommended to use this debloat Windows 10 tool under these subsequent conditions:

  • Before User Profile is Created
  • Empty Desktop and Downloads
  • After putting in New Feature Updates

Recommended Options:

  • Disable Cortana
  • Uninstall OneDrive
  • Run Essential Tweaks

Enable Dark Mode and Install three.5 .NET, but this is completely your personal preference.

“I have tried Debloating Windows 10 on a few on use PCs and Laptop, they seem to work fine till now”

Tecxy Tecxology

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Debloat Windows 10 Using One Simple PowerShell Command


Do this at your own risk. We have run it on couple of computers that were slow and they all work fine till now. If you are not an expert, please read this page completely before executing the command.

Step 1: Connect your Windows 10 PC to the Internet.

Step 2: Right-click on the Windows logo at the bottom left of the screen and choose Windows PowerShell (Admin). Click yes in the pop-up menu.

Opening powershell as Admin Screenshot

Step 3: Copy the command below and press enter.

iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

Step 4: Click the “Remove all bloatware” button.

Sycnex / Windows10Debloater Tool Window

You can also do your custom bloatware removal using this tool.
A little description:

  • Disable Cortana—removes Cortana windows assistant.
  • Enable the dark theme only if you like the dark theme.
  • Uninstall Onedrive – Your computer may freeze because it also removes Onedrive from File explorer.
  • Unpin tiles are good because it removes all the unwanted news, weather, and Candy Crush ads from the start menu.
  • Disabling telemetry will stop windows from collecting your data via the internet.
  • Remove bloatware register keys will remove all unwanted apps’ registry keys.
  • Install .NET 3.5 installs Visual Basic dot NET 3.5.

This project is on GitHub. You can contribute to

There are lots and lots of bloatware removed. You can take a look at the Github project to see them.

Does debloat Windows 10 worth it?

The operating system comes with so many pre-installed apps that it makes your computer slow for no real reason, so debloating Windows 10 is definitely worth it.

The Revert switch choice runs the following functions

Revert-Changes, Enable edge PDF

The Revert option reinstalls the bloatware and changes your registry keys back to default.


Performance Change:

From this (initial startup threads before ‘Debloat Windows 10’) 👇

Before debloat Startup Windows 10 Resource usage

To this (after debloating)👇

After debloat Startup Windows 10 Resource usage reduced and made faster

See the significant reduction in resource usage by OS.

Terminal Output:

Debloat Windows 10: Make It Fast Log file

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