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How to Open Command Prompt Windows – 7 Cool Ways

The Command prompt of windows is the most used feature by most Computer Nerds and Greeks.

There are actually 7 different ways to open “CMD” in Windows machines that I know. I use the Run method often anyway. Comment below if I am missing any methods.

Great enough of the intro now it’s time to see the different ways.

So let’s get started …

7 Cool Ways to Open Command Prompt(CMD)

I have listed the most common ways of using it in order, not because I use it. Here are the ways…

1. Run Box Method

  1. Press Windows Key + R key. Now a popup of the Run box appears on your screen.
    Run Box Method - Command Prompt
  2. Type “CMD”. See, so fast and simple. The command prompt appears on the screen ready for action.

2. Windows Key + X Key method.

This is another easy method that most expert uses, just press the Windows key + X key to open the windows x menu and select windows command prompt (Admin) or Windows Terminal (Admin).

Windows Key + X Key method - Command Prompt

3. Using Windows Assistant: Cortana

Click on the Cortana search icon and type “cmd”. Now the command prompt will come in the search result. Select it to use it.

Using Windows Assistant: Cortana – Command Prompt

4. Open Command prompt in File Explorer location

This feature is not available in older windows, to my knowledge. This feature I think is a feature derived from Linux lately.

Open Command prompt in File Explorer location

5. Open Admin CMD anywhere from the File Explorer menu

Click on File>> Open Command Prompt and choose how you want to open the command prompt. You can open it in Admin mode or normal mode. You get more privileges if you open as Admin than in the normal user mode.

Open Command prompt from the File Explorer menu

6. Open from all apps listed in the windows menu

Click on the Windows button on your screen and scroll through the app list, and you will get a Command Prompt from there.

Open command promp from all apps listed in the windows menu

7. Using Task Manager

  1. In task manager, click on File>> to select “Run new task”.
    Open Run from Task Manager
  2. Now the run box appears, type “cmd” and press enter.
  3. The command prompt will now appear on your screen.


So in general, there are 7 cool ways that most of them are used to open command prompts. It’s good to know if you are a professional, as knowing them and using them will improve your productivity.


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