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LinkedIn New Feature sets to Rival YouTube and Instagram

LinkedIn is testing out its new video feature and might release it to the public. The company in the past never fiddled with the idea of adding videos to the media platform. Which didn’t bode well, as we know how video categories are blowing up platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

But LinkedIn might be setting out to change its tune on videos as the spokesperson for the company Suzi Owens had this to say about the video feature for LinkedIn.

“We are testing new ways to help members more easily discover timely, relevant videos to watch on LinkedIn,” 

Most of the details to the feature is still unknown as not much has been discussed it. But we might be able to predict a few things based on how the industry is moving in the modern era.

The demo did show a feed of short video, which has been the craze ever since its boom came with TikTok and later followed on Instagram and YouTube.

Some might prefer to see landscape videos but the latest short videos get billions of views every day and require less effort than long-term content making.

There are some notable difficulties, LinkedIn is not seen as a video sharing social site compared to the likes of YouTube or Instagram. Most of the users on LinkedIn set their account to carry out the professional side of things, shorts getting millions of views might not be a feat easy to accomplish on LinkedIn compared to other social platforms.

But LinkedIn is stepping in the right direction by attracting content creators to jump into the platform, so they can attract more people. The problem here on LinkedIn, unlike YouTube or Instagram, the people on LinkedIn have limited followers basically not in millions.

LinkedIn has to figure out to add followers on its platform to set the video feature on the road to succession.  The other aspect of video making lies in incentives, YouTube and TikTok provides earning for the creator to post regularly. 

These are some of the things that might not show up at the surface when you think about video features, but all of them lie underneath, doing the work for the platform. LinkedIn has to implement these subtle but large features to make the video project work for its platform.

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Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar

Santosh Kumar is a writer covering Tech, entertainment, gaming, and some philosophy. His other interests include gaming, reviewing renaissance paintings, and playing at a sport he is not good at.

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