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Google Updates Incognito Mode, Deletes Private Records and More as per settlement

Google is cooking up a lot in the kitchen, as part of a settlement that has been hanging over their head. The recent news claims Google is planning to completely erase all browsing data records, bringing much-needed privacy changes to the Incognito mode, blocking cookies, and much more.

As the lawsuit looms over the Google headquarters, the company has finally come to an agreement to remove, not more than, billions of data records to settle the lawsuit. The lawsuit claimed Google secretly kept a record of its users, especially the ones who are browsing privately. 

The paper also goes further by claiming private browsing mode is also vulnerable to data tracking by Google. But Google has reportedly denied these claims, and assured users of the privacy setting having strong security.

Changes coming to Google Privacy System

Before we get into why Google made all these changes, let’s look into the changes themselves. Here are the updates we will see rolling out for its system.

  • Google Removing Recorded Private Data

Google will now remove billions of data records collected from private browsing. This comes as a settlement for the lawsuit, as we know claimed Google keeping a record of private data.

  • Google is bringing fresh Updates to Incognito mode

Incognito mode acts as a privacy version of web browning offered by Google. But now we will see a more updated Incognito mode that functions a bit better than its previous standards. We know that now any user who decides to go Incognito will have the ability to block tracking cookies from websites for five years.

These massive changes come with a hefty price tag, as the settlement now has an estimated value of around $5 billion. The settlement first made a public appearance around April 1 in the Oakland, California Federal Court.

Lawyers valued the accord as high as 8 billion dollars. Individuals still have the power to sue for the damages inflicted by Google. The lawsuit covers the users who have used the Incognito mode since 2016, June 1.

The allegation kept on coming, as many users claimed Google kept cookies and tracked people who decided to use incognito mode in a web browser or through an app. In short, private browsing was never a façade to keep people blindfolded throughout the web browsing session.

When it comes to the action we saw Google taking on its many platforms, we now know Google was amassing the private data of billions of users. There were records of Google keeping track of people’s habits, friends, hobbies, location, shopping habits, and other personal data that included financial and personal compromising files.

It should be noted Google didn’t admit to any of the wrongdoing, they persist in the data being thrown at the law for being inaccurate. But when you look at the changes, Google has agreed to the terms of the settlement.

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