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Google is investing EUR 25 million to help bring AI opportunities to Europe

AI is here to stay, and Google is planning to stay ahead of the competition by implementing AI into various aspects of their product line-up. But now they are taking a bold new step in improving the overall conversation around AI.

If you take a peek at the recent emerging news out of tech world, one thing for sure, AI train is showing no sign of stoppage any time soon. Industry experts were once sceptical about the growth of AI, but now they are left wondering how much change can be brought upon by AI to our modern society.

The evolution of technology relies on constant change, ignoring it has always led to disaster and many companies all over the world are finally paying attention to AI and its limitless possibilities. As, the recent success of ChatGPT has pushed google to create their own AI chatbot to regain influence in the market.

Which brings us to the news that came out today, Google is offering AI learning to millions of people around Europe. Here in this article we will take a long dive into the AI opportunity Initiative and its importance for the people in Europe and around the world?

Google Bringing AI opportunity Initiative to Europe

As Google is pushing AI at all fronts to seize the future, today we also learned Google is shaking the hands of the EU government, civil society, academics and multiple businesses to make the AI tech digestible for everyone without setting up any barrier for entry.

What does the AI opportunity Initiative mean for Europe?

Google is now making AI tech more accessible to everyone, not just for a few. The goal is here to help the people know about AI by providing proper training and skills. The growth of AI has raised plenty of criticism in people who are unaware about the tech and have little to no knowledge regarding the subject.

Having the proper skills and training will allow the uninformed general population to reap benefits out of the AI’s ongoing expansion in the modern world. Google is now doing their part in informing people to know more about AI, to help them not to get left behind the industry.

Before AI opportunity Initiative; there was Grow with Google

There is a history behind Google and their work in Europe, back in the year 2015, Google launched Grow with Google – a program that offered free training to people to improve their digital skill sets. In recent years, the Grow with Google training plan has trained over 12 million people all across Europe.

The training here was done with the partnership with small business, trade unions, NGOs, governments, and local communities. Many people have taken benefits from the program to launch their own business and careers to brand-new heights.

The new Google’s AI opportunity Initiative is meant to work around the same principle as the Grow with Google program. Here google once again shaking the hands of local communities, governments to help bring the world of AI to as many people as possible.

What does the AI opportunity Initiative cover?

Google is spending over 25 million to offer help to support the vulnerable communities to learn the AI skillset. Out of the huge 25 million funding, 10 million is going towards helping the workers with the AI skill set to help them push through the finish line.

Google is working with the Centre for Public Impact to help spread the word to as many people as possible. When the applicants get selected, then the training program will come to fruition. Selected organization will receive –

  • Training program on foundational AI
  • Lessons Will be taught in local languages
  • The AI skills will get taught directly to workers in their communities
  • For further support, Google is offering childcare and compensation pay.

Cash grants are also available to help the people to learn AI education without dealing with any financial restraints. The executive director of Centre for Public Impact had this to say about Google’s contribution to their economy – 

“AI has enormous potential to transform the world for the better. Yet research shows that the benefits of AI could exacerbate existing inequalities — especially in terms of economic security and employment. This new program will help people across Europe develop their knowledge, skills and confidence around AI, ensuring that no one is left behind.”

Adrian Brown, Executive Director, Centre for Public

Why is Google pushing AI awareness to Europe?

Google believes Europe can have a strong economy once it harnesses the true capability of AI into its system. Ai will eventually lead the way for the industry to get better, more productive, more meaningful, and lastly, open more unique jobs to the market. 

It can be easier for the people to grow cynicism or pushback against the development of AI, with the rational fear of losing their job. Google’s introduction of AI initiative will help a wide range of people to learn about AI and go through proper training to fully utilize the value of AI systems in the future. 

The future of Google’s AI opportunity Initiative

The remarkable step towards helping the worker and the vulnerable communities around Europe has made the AI opportunity Initiative a more reliable method of education for the future.

Google is bringing start-up growth to academics across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. The start-ups implement AI to tackle the challenges that left many things encumbered in the world. The startups primarily will focus on health, education, and cybersecurity.

Google is also expanding the AI fundamental courses to 18 different languages. The entire course will be free for everyone without any limitations. The courses here will focus on AI skills to raise the practical skill and knowledge in people.

The company has also invested more resources in the Google Career Certificates program, which lasts for three to six months. Here, people will observe how AI gets implemented in the professional field. Gaining hands-on experience will help the people to better understand the system behind AI more quickly.


Recent news of AI merging out of every hole of the tech has made many left wondering the sheer amount of change that it can bring to the world. Companies may not have taken AI seriously before, but now we are witnessing all the major players in the tech world implementing AI at all corners of their system.

In future, we will definitely see more effort being invested in AI programs to make it more simpler and effective in its learning approach.

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