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What Is the Spotify Car Thing and What Isn’t It? Why did they discontinue?

If music is your love and you can’t imagine your car rides without it, Spotify Car Thing is a must-have for you! Thanks to this device, the in-car music experience becomes safer and simpler. You don’t have to struggle with your phone while driving to play your favourite tracks. Curious to know more about this wonderful car gadget? Let’s get right into what it is and what it isn’t—a Spotify Car Thing review with all the features it offers.

Music Experience Like Never Before

The Spotify Car Thing is not just a sleek dashboard mount; it’s a carefully designed device for amplifying your in-car audio experience. For 15 years, Spotify has been a music boss without a doubt, and with this innovation, it has taken music passion one step ahead. This Car Thing Spotify fits perfectly in your car. It’s easy to use and lets you control your music while driving without any fuss. What’s more, this cell phone-sized music player is a great substitute for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. However, you’d need to have Spotify Premium to use the Car Thing.

The Highlights: What This Dashboard Accessory Is

1. Go Hands-Free

The Spotify Car Thing saves you from using your hands to control your music. It’s reliable with its easy-to-use voice-activated control. Just tell it what you want, and your playlist or catalogue of music will follow.

2. Personalized Display

It’s a smart player with a settings button that lets you change how your music screen looks in your car. Pick what you like, from simple menus, artist info, and preset buttons to playlists you love. It’s all about making your car the perfect place for music leisure.

3. Great Compatibility

Easily link up your Spotify music with your car. The Spotify Car Thing works smoothly with both Apple and Android devices. It fits right in with your phone, letting you have all your favourite music at your fingertips.

4. Smart Suggestions

This Bluetooth-enabled audio player suggests songs based on what you like, so you’re always finding new tunes. It makes your drive a fun listening experience, with fresh tracks and genres popping up in your playlist.

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The Myths: What This Dashboard Accessory Isn’t

The Myths about Spotify Car Thing

The Myths about Spotify Car Thing

Myth 1: Tech-savvy Thing

Fact: Though Spotify Car Thing brings advanced features, it’s a decent accessory that is user-friendly with no complicated features. You don’t need to be a tech expert to enjoy the benefits of this in-car streaming solution.

Myth 2: Car Battery Drainer

Fact: It is made to use very little power so that it won’t drain your car’s battery. It works smoothly without causing any problems with your vehicle’s battery life.

Myth 3: Incompatible With Other Music Apps

Fact: The Spotify Car Thing works best with Spotify, but it can work with other music apps and offer the same good experience for users. It’s just made to give you the best time with Spotify in your car.

Myth 4: Expensive Luxury Gadget

Fact: It offers different prices, some of which may look costly, but it is still affordable. Just check out all the plans it has and find one that fits your budget.

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Is the Spotify Car Thing free?

Spotify is offering Car Thing for free for a short period, but the duration and number of free units available are uncertain. To increase your chances, sign up promptly. If chosen, it’s not entirely free; there’s a shipping fee—$6.99 for the U.S. and $14.99 for Alaska and Hawaii.

Is the Spotify Car Thing still available, or did they discontinue?

Spotify has stopped making Car Thing. You can still buy it on Spotify’s website for $49.99 (discounted from $89.99). They haven’t said how long they’ll support it, but since it didn’t last long in stores, it might not be for too much longer.

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Wrapping Up

The Spotify Car Thing is a much-needed upgrade for your car. It makes your drives way better by making music safer and more enjoyable. If you want to get one, just hop onto Spotify’s website or check for any limited-time deals or other offers. Also, if you’re already a premium subscriber, you might get some special deals. You can get in touch with their support team to know more or get help with any software issue.

Mahak Saluja
Mahak Saluja

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