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Nvidia unveils new AI software to research 6G Technology

Nvidia, the world’s largest graphic card manufacturer, has now revealed an AI-driven software platform made to discover the potential of 6G technology. The software will research 6G tech by simulating the telecom communication environment in its system.

Nvidia seems to be one of the major driving forces behind the AI technology. Last month they added an AI feature to the RTX by releasing Chat with RTX. Recently we heard the news that Nvidia is also hitting the Automotive industry by being part of Chinese automakers BYD in the race of creating self-driving vehicles.

The telecom industry has moved on from the traditional system to a more AI driven field. As now we know the sector is rapidly integrating software and AI tech into its various inner mechanics. Reports have shown how infusing AI tech into RAN or known Radio Access Network hardware like base stations and antennas has improved the field.

Nvidia is set to release an application that will help create the environment of individual cell towers working with 6G connectivity, some of its functions said to create entire urban landscapes which will allow researchers and organizations to perform real-time testing of 6G networking.

According to Nvidia, many brands have come forward to test their tech, some of them are Nokia, SoftBank Corp, Samsung, Ansys, and Northeastern University in Boston are some of the users who have worked with the latest Nvidia tech.

Nvidia is also seeing potential of 6G networking, as the Nvidia’s senior vice president of Telecom, Ronnie Vasishta recently said –

The massive increase in connected devices and host of new applications in 6G will require a vast leap in wireless spectral efficiency in radio communications.

Source: Nvidia

The shift towards cloud service is happening faster than anyone predicted, with the recent bloom of AI, many telecom equipment suppliers have moved on from the old-school mobile infrastructure direct to a more cloud service initiative approach.

If you look at the recent news, Nvidia is not planning to stop with the AI tech, as the AI-infused environment is not solely staying in one sector, it is now expanding to different industries all over the world. Soon will see more companies stepping up to increase the AI potential by adding different parts of the business.

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Santosh Kumar

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