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Microsoft pulling the plug on its Android services on Windows 11

Microsoft just announced ending their support for Android services for Windows 11. More specifically, Microsoft has decided to end its Windows Subsystem for Android or known as WSA for Windows 11.

While most of the news this month was about Microsoft adding new stuff to the old tools but the sweet run has ended, as the report came out that shows starting from March 2025, WSA service will not be at an operable condition for the users to download and install Android apps via Windows PC and App Store.

The service first came to the scene in the month of October in 2022. The WSA allowed the user to gain access to 50,000 android apps. There was a sign of abandonment, as the service received a major update in June of last year.

Users starting from March 5 won’t be able to run any windows apps via WSA service on Windows 11. Windows users will also lose any access to Amazon Appstore and Android apps downloaded on windows pc. 

People who have downloaded the apps from the store will receive technical support from their devs. But the support does come with an end date, which will be on March 5, 2025.

For developers, they will have to scrap the idea, as they will not be able to submit any new apps targeting Windows 11, starting today. But the devs who have released apps on the store will retain the right to submit updates until the Amazon store completely disappears from the platform.

The company had this to say about the latest change – 

“Starting on March 6, 2024, Windows 11 customers will not be able to search for Amazon Appstore or associated apps from the Microsoft Store. Customers may continue using Amazon Appstore apps that they previously installed and will still be able to receive app updates.”

As Microsoft pulls the plug on WSA support, people who are used to the android services on their Windows might have to resort to using third-party-services to run them.

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Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar

Santosh Kumar is a writer covering Tech, entertainment, gaming, and some philosophy. His other interests include gaming, reviewing renaissance paintings, and playing at a sport he is not good at.

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