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WhatsApp Secret Code: New security Update For WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp set to release WhatsApp secret code to make the privacy of your chat more stronger.

WhatsApp set to release a new update for WhatsApp web. If you have never been to WhatsApp web, its a web based access to the messaging of WhatsApp without having to install any software. In short, it gives direct access to the WhatsApp messages without having to launch any third party app on your computer.

Benefit of WhatsApp Secret Code

WhatsApp secret code will help the web access version be more secure on a computer that has access to multiple users. Each time somebody fires up the what’s web client will be greeted with a security box to input their secret code instead of seeing the entirety of chat.

Web clients definitely could use this feature, as it grants faster access to WhatsApp without having to input the logging details every time. Once you add your email and password, you are allowed to open WhatsApp messaging directly on your computer. Its messaging board will stay on the browser, every time you open it unless you decide to log out.

Which also means  anybody other than you, can easily open the WhatsApp website and gain access to your WhatsApp messaging information right away without having to input any details to confirm the identity of the user. The convenience came with a massive problem, but now what’s app secure code will put a barrier between the user and their chat.

The security update is nothing new, previously in the year 2023, WhatsApp did release a security update for their app variation to make it a bit stronger in privacy. As users can set up code or any locked mechanism to make the chatore secure. The locked chats will move to the top of the screen for easier access.

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Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar

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