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Google implements AI to help with climate change

Google artificial intelligence and a little thing called Infrastructure mapping will help us trace the methane sources in our planet. Which will give us enough time to figure out the ways to lower the methane emission.

If you pay attention to the news, each year creates a new record of holding the warmest climate ever. 2023 was the hottest year recorded and we will certainly see the record getting beaten by 2024.

Google just announced their collaboration with EDF known as environmental defence fund climate change or global warming by using the latest science and technology tools in AI seems to be one of the tools that will leave the course or revolution in making changes to the ongoing issues with the climate.

Why focus on methane?

Sources show us that methane gas is behind 30% of global warming on our planet. The outdated mechanics behind some fossil fuel industry or systems are the reason why our climate is getting warmer every single day.

Google Step towards Climate Change

Here Methane detections can get a huge boost by implementing cloud computing and AI satellite imagery to correctly identify the oil and gas infrastructure all over the world. Google has said their goal is to help EDF to quantify and trace source methane emission.

The information here will help the energy companies, researchers and public sectors to lower the emissions from oil and gas infrastructure with a more effective note and quickly than before.

How Satellites will work to spot methane emissions?

The new satellite named MethaneSAT promises to measure and track methane with a pinpoint precision and offer more detailed information of methane emissions. MethaneSAT is set to launch earlier in March on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The satellite here will orbit around the earth 15 times a day with an altitude over 350 miles.

The focus on the satellite will be on the regions where the methane levels reigns high. The satellite is equipped with tools to measure methane emission at a higher level and at the same time, it can easily spot small sources of gas spread over a wider area.

Google AI tools creating Global Map of Oil and Gas infrastructure

Here AI will come to the forefront to identify the oil and gas infrastructure, and later Google will combine the information with EDF’s information to properly locate the precise location of the emissions. The data from MethaneSAT mixed with Google’s AI information will help us locate accurately the source of methane emission.

AI usage here fairs similarly with its common functionality as how it detects sidewalks, street signs, cars, or a group of people, the purpose of AI in the field of identifying gas and oil will play exactly the same.

All the information here will be present on Methane SATs website to help people to detect trends and among other things.

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