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AI Avatars Could Attend Meetings for You Within a Year

Tired of attending multiple meetings a day? A new software promises to create an AI Avatar that can act and talk like real employees set up in a virtual space. The head of an AI powered transcription software company is on their way to making an AI meeting replacement Avatar that promises to skip the meeting from the daily schedule.

“A prototype can be made working later this year” 

Liang told Business Insider

Sam Liang, CEO of Otter, has been working on this concept for a long time. Where an AI avatar can act on behalf of the real employee during meetings. Here AI goes through rigorous training that follows a world of meeting related notes and voice data of specific people, so it can replicate their moves and patterns properly.

The task has been difficult for the Otter Team, as they have to mess around such things and interjection, speaking up, raising concerns, waiting for their turn, and many more prevalent aspects of the common meetings.

AI tends to rely on the data they get to make the output better, Otter has been working on strengthening the data behind the AI avatar to come off as real as humanly possible during meeting gatherings.

OtterPilot: Your AI Meeting Assistant

The AI in the oven now can handle a lot of pressure of meeting questions. As it now will be able to answer 90% of the questions during meetings. You are probably wondering, what about the 10%? The question that lands in the unique zone, will get sent to a human worker with a note attached that reads ‘Hey, I don’t know how to answer this question – can you help me?’

Liang push of AI avatar during meetings might lead to more time and productivity in the hands of employee and company. The time the company and employee will save from cutting the meeting from their daily schedule will lead to extra hours that could go towards creative tasks.\

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