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Stolen Device Protection coming up with new release of iOS17.3

Apple will release new software features on the iOS 17.3 beta 3 model with Stolen Device Protection. It is anticipated to be released at the end of January.

The latest update Like Stolen Device Protection and bug fixes to the iPhones. The new feature is designed to add a layer of security for the users. If Someone steal your iPhone and also obtained the device’s passcode. When the feature is on, Face ID or Touch ID authentication is required for the following actions.

  1. Face ID verification for access saved passwords.
  2. Security delays for modifying critical settings like Apple ID password.
  3. Immediate access without delays at familiar locations like work and home.

Stolen Device Protection

Apple introduced on iOS 17.3 Beta 1 model with a new feature called Stolen Device Protection to protect data on your iPhone. Testing of it is now available for Stolen Device Protection. This feature is an additional layer of security for the users. Stolen device protection is an opt-in feature in the Settings app under Face ID and Passcode. It is available for all iOS 17-compatible iPhones. Apple plans to share more information about the feature once iOS 17.3 is widely released.

A new collaborative playlist option for Apple Music subscribers. Lets multiple people add, rearrange, and remove songs in a shared playlist. Users can enter animated emoji reactions next to songs in the playlist. The feature was initially expected to launch in iOS 17.2. However, the feature was removed by the end of the beta testing period. The feature was added back in iOS 17.3, and Apple’s website confirms it will come back in 2024.

iOS 17.3 is assured to be significant, focusing on user security and enhancing the music experience. As Apple prepares for iPhone, users can look forward to a more secure and collaborative environment. The apple users eagerly waiting for the new features of iOS 17.3. Apple continues beta testing to guarantee a stable and bug-free release.

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