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A student from MIT claims he hacked Apple Vision Pro on launch day

It has only been a week since the launch of Apple Vision Pro, and a student from MIT has already found a kernel exploit in the product.

Apple Vision Pro has launched in the market with much fanfare from the fans and the techies in the world. As Apple unveiled this device that left many people’s jaws dropped on the floor as the machine that felt like it can do anything.

Feb 2 was a much awaited date for many apple fans; as they were waiting to get their hands on the Vision pro. It’s only been a week and apple vision pro finally gets its first exploits from the hands of a student at MIT, Not the news any brands want to hear within the first month of their lunch product.

Who hacked Apple vision pro?

Sadly, a PhD student named Joseph Ravichandran at Massachusetts institutes of Technology (MIT) did manage to discover a kernel exploit for the Vision Pro Software or aptly titled Vision OS. If the claims are true, then this could open a whole new Pandora’s box of possibilities in breaking the Vision Pro to a whole new world.

Joseph Ravichandran posted two apple vision pro hacked exploit pictures on X (Formerly Twitter) and garnered over a million views leaving everyone in a state of shock. One of the pictures has a pop up window with a warning that states – “Remove your device. Your device needs to restart. The screen will go dark in 30 seconds .”

After the reboot is completed the panic log states the kernel has been crashed, as the second photo uploaded shows the crashing of the kernel. In another picture you can see the ‘Vision Pro Crasher‘ app with the underlying text stating ‘Crash my vision pro‘.

What does kernel exploit mean for Apple vision pro?

Kernel exploit in Apple vision pro can lead to jailbreaking and the creation of many third party software ready for installation. In the past, we have seen how kernel exploits in products lead to the creation of third-party apps to run different products made by other companies. Many of the gaming consoles have also suffered from software exploitations to run many third party games on the system without any failure or crashes.

If the app catches fire, which will lead to more people creating their own third-party apps to exploit the software of the Vision-OS. Jailbreaking is nothing new in the technical product line up, many products in the past have been a victim to jailbreaking. The astounding aspect about the Apple vision pro hack is how quickly it all happened.

If the exploitation of a premium product by Apple can be found within a week, then the mind only wonders what people would do to the device within the next few months.

What is next for the Apple Vision Pro?

It is unclear what will happen next with Apple’s most technically evolved product, Vision Pro, if the researcher submits the findings, then we might see Apple releasing a fix for the problem. Since the product is a premium in nature, we will see Apple taking a strong stance in strengthening the software to prevent future exploitation.

We might see Apple addressing this issue and mentioning the concern now many users have over the product, since it’s only been a week since the launch of the product and now we are seeing kernel exploits of a high-end device. Ignoring the issue will evidently lead to more experienced hackers in the field to jump into this bandwagon to exploit the device more to their liking.

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