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Now Turn your picture into Sticker on WhatsApp

Meta just added another unique feature to their WhatsApp catalog, as now anyone can turn pictures into stickers in a matter of seconds. The update comes with a huge array of features all designed to give a new experience to WhatsApp users.

Just last week saw Meta adding a bunch of handful of features to WhatsApp, one being integrating third-party app messages with WhatsApp. Another update allows WhatsApp call list to blend seamlessly with Android calling screen.

Now we just learned WhatsApp is adding a bunch of changes to their interactive part of the app, as they just released a new update allowing users to have a more immersive experience while messaging.

One of the major changes that update brings to WhatsApp is allowing users to change the tone of the original image to the layout of a sticker.  You will need to download WhatsApp Beta for Android

How to create your stickers on WhatsApp?

Here’s how you can create your own set of stickers in WhatsApp.

  • While messaging, go to the sticker section.
  • Now you will see an Add icon with the Sign + in the middle.
  • Once you tap on the Add button, you will be taken to your Gallery, here you have to choose the picture.
  • Tap on the picture you want to make a sticker.
  • Then WhatsApp will take the picture to the Editing section.
  • In this section, you can change the original picture into a sticker and you can also add Texts, Stickers, and draw.
  • After you are done with the picture, just hit send.

The new update will also aim to bring Unicode 15.1 emojis into the keyboard, to allow users to be more interactive with their messages. Right now, we are seeing Meta making a move towards a more interoperability system.

All the features listed above are part of WhatsApp beta, they might show up on the real app, but we are not too sure about the move. Not all the features will make it to the final app, some are in the beta taste phrase.

It will all come down to the user feedback and alteration to the features before they show up on the final version of WhatsApp. But based on how the ball is rolling now, we can be sure WhatsApp will include more interoperability features soon.

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Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar

Santosh Kumar is a writer covering Tech, entertainment, gaming, and some philosophy. His other interests include gaming, reviewing renaissance paintings, and playing at a sport he is not good at.

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