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Dancing, cooking? What more do you need? Musk unveils Tesla ‘Optimus Gen-2 robot’

Elon Musk unveils Tesla has developed a robot that can do human-like tasks. And named ‘Optimus Gen 2’. Tesla first shared a prototype of the robot earlier this year. Optimus Gen 2 is lighter, but 30% faster, smoother and more capable to do the human like tasks. The upgraded robot has sensor-equipped fingers to move faster and move its arms. Elon Musk recently shared a demo video on the social media platform X, the robot, with the caption Optimus. In the video, ‘Optimus Gen 2’ can be seen standing between the Cybertrucks at the Tesla factory. The slim robot has a shiny white exterior. The robot does squats because it can balance its body. And, the video shared by Musk shows the robot cooking and dancing with another Optimus Gen 2 robot. Tesla says a statement that the goal of this humanoid robot ‘bipedal autonomous humanoid’ is to keep humans from performing unsafe tasks. Tesla is planning to use robot assistance in manufacturing operations. Months ago, Tesla shared a video of another robot doing yoga and sorting blocks by colour.

Earlier this, Musk’s Tesla company first unveiled a prototype version of the Optimus on AI day. After months, the robot has been introduced with much improved capabilities. And the shared video shows the egg being placed in the egg boiler without breaking it by hand. This shows that the use of hands to recognize objects has improved greatly. Apart from this, the robots can also be seen dancing in the video. The company says the robot’s leg function has also been greatly improved.

The company goal is to become a reality, it is necessary to build software that enables the robot’s balance, trajectory determination, interaction with the physical world, and recognition. The company says it is hiring deep learning, computer vision, motion planning, control, mechanical, and software engineers to solve these challenges. The humanoid robot will soon be used in Tesla’s construction work. Tesla previously released a video of Optimus the robot doing yoga and arranging colour blocks. But the body of the robot has undergone significant changes since then.

As mentioned earlier, Optimus Gen 2 is not designed for production or sale. As a prototype, it represents a potential longer journey to a more functional human robot. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says it will be able to do anything that people don’t want to do.

Features of Optimus Gen 2

  • Tesla-designed actuators and sensors
  • 30 percent walk speed boost
  • Foot force/torque sensing
  • Articulated toe sections
  • Human foot geometry
  • 10 kg total weight reduction
  • Improved balance and full-body control
  • Faster, 11-DoF brand-new hands
  • Tactile sensing on all fingers
  • Delicate objects manipulation (holding an egg)
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