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Apple’s Self-Service Repair now offers remote diagnostic tool and credit for certain damaged parts

Apple’s self-repair service is expanding and launching a new diagnostic tool, which helps to the users for more transparency and autonomy to troubleshoot issues on the devices.

Self-Service Repair program allows the users to purchase original Apple parts and tools to repair their own gadgets. This Self Service Repair program was firstly launched for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineups that finally expanded to further models. And this programme now available for the iPhone 15 lineup, then Mac models powered by the M2 lineup, including the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro, the 15-inch MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac Pro, and Mac Studio. With the new expansion, Self Service Repair supports 35 Apple products in 33 countries and 24 languages.

Apple Diagnostics for Self Service Repair is available today in the U S, and with the availability in Europe to come next year. And the authorities say to the users who don’t have the experience to repairing electronic devices, then visit a professional Apple Authorized Service Provider with certified technicians who use genuine Apple parts — designed and tested to internationally recognized standards — is the safest way to get a repair.

What is Apple’s Self-Service Repair Programme?

Apple announced that will bring the genuine parts of the device and tools that can be purchased by the customers so that they can repair their devices. And this initiative by Apple was helpful for the users whose devices have run out of warranty, and they didn’t want to spend a fortune to repair their Apple devices.

Apple announced that these independent repair services are beneficial for people who have prior experience in fixing electronic devices. However, it advised that users with no experience should consider giving to a professional repair service provider. People who want to use the Self-Service Repair program can buy parts and tools from the Apple Self-Service Repair Store. The store also provides repair manuals and videos that are useful for customers through the repair process.

How to use Apple’s Self-Service Repair Programme?

Here are some steps that will help users to know about the Programme

  1. First start with the repair manual: Users need to access the repair manual for their devices that can be found on Apple’s Self Service Repair portal.
  2. Order Parts and Tools Needed: After resolve the problems, users can order their parts through Apple’s Self-Service Repair Store. Keep your Product Serial Number or IMEI number handy, as it will be asked to make the purchase.
  3. Start your Repair: We got the parts, users need to follow the instructions to repair your devices. After the repair is completed, Apple has a feature to known as System Configuration that will finalize the repair.
  4. Return the Replaced Parts to Apple: Once the repair is completed, users can return the damaged parts to Apple and in return, they will receive Apple credit for certain repair types.

How will the programme help for the users?

  1. Money Savings: Programme helps users to save money. Like, the cost to restore a battery for an iPhone 14 is up to $69 through the program, compared to $79 through Apple’s standard repair service.
  2. Minimize Downtime: Users who cannot wait for an appointment or send the device to a service centre, this will result in minimizing downtime and a quick solution to problem.
  3. Environmental advantage: Self-Service Repair program can help to cut down the environmental impact through electronic devices. When the user complete repair, users can return the damaged parts to Apple and in return, they will receive Apple credit for the same value.
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