Optimize YouTube: Title Tag Thumbnail and Description

Making exquisite video content material is simply the first hurdle to triumph over. Use Title, Tag, Thumbnail and description for getting people to watch them is the next and a far larger obstacle on your route. Simply as a blogger need to work tough to get people to see the blog, so a YouTuber needs to find ways to get views on their videos.

If we dive deep into Youtube SEO, the Title Tag Thumbnail and Description play just important role as other SEO methods.

Youtube SEO : Title Tag Thumbnail and Description

Use Title Tag Thumbnail and Description

For any piece of content on the internet, discoverability is fundamental to publicity. in any case, no person will watch your video or study your blog if they can not discover it properly. A blogger could do that by way of lacing their content material with SEO – search engine optimization. But how can a YouTuber do the same? the answer lies in something called YouTube tags optimization. In this blog, we can let you realize how to optimize YouTube tags easily for more views, and some tips on title and description.


Title box of a Youtube video preview


The title is the most important part of your video. Using a free tool like Google’s AdWords keyword tool or Wordtracker, identify what people are searching for around the keyword niche. Google truncates page titles somewhere around the 70 character mark. Any longer and you’ll see an ellipse at the end of your title. Since YouTube automatically adds “YouTube –” to the beginning of every view page’s title tag, you’re already 10 characters down before you even start. So the first words that you use must be the aptest for your video and it should be the most popular keyword in the category in which you put the video.


Tag box of Youtube preview


YouTube heavily accounts for your video’s first few tags when ranking content in their search results, especially the first tag. So make sure your first tag is the exact keyword you want to target. Use specific keywords that describe the topics you cover in your video as the tags help YouTube understand your video’s content. To discover the keywords you can tag in your videos and help them rank higher in YouTube’s search results try Keyword Keg or VidIQ.


Description box of Youtube preview

Most YouTubers recommend including the keywords in your description. New add keyword junk to the description. Try including the most keywords with creativity and naturally as possible. Include the keyword in the tags and transcript of your video and some even suggest adding keywords into your video’s filename before uploading. Along with your video title and tags, YouTube uses your description to understand your video content’s content (and context). A well-optimized description can boost your video’s rankings in YouTube search. YouTube doesn’t understand your video, they’re not likely to rank it in search. That’s why you want to write long, thorough video descriptions (at least 150 words). Along with your video title and tags, YouTube uses your description to understand your video content’s content (and context). YouTube’s algorithm puts more weight on keywords that show up in the first 2-3 sentences of your description so focus more on those sentences.


Thumbnail box of Youtube preview

 Video thumbnails let viewers see a quick snapshot of your video as they’re browsing YouTube. After your video is finished uploading, you can choose a thumbnail from the three options YouTube automatically generates, or upload your own. To upload custom thumbnails, you must have a verified account. Use a custom thumbnail for your video and design it in such a way that the viewers will understand what you are trying to convey.

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